Vascular Treatments

Dr. Giuseppe Serpieri is the maestro of the complex and intricate vascular road maps of the body. We are proud that he is part of our WOW Squad to spread his perfect wowness to you. Do book in to have your consult and examination prior to your bespoke treatment.

“My passion is to see and make my patients happy. When they are happy, then I am happy! Vein treatments are tricky but with care, knowledge and passion it becomes easier. It is vital to find out the cause of your thread veins before starting your bespoke vein treatment to ensure successful outcome. I always ensure my patients get the best treatment, advice and results and will go the extra mile to ensure that.” – Dr. Giuseppe Serpieri, Consultant Vascular and Aesthetic Surgeon.

The ‘superglue’ of vein treatments. Dr. Serpieri is the main trainer for this procedure. Hence, the maestro. This procedure uses the ‘superglue’ to close off the main vein in the leg that causes varicose veins. You will need a full consultation and examination with Doppler prior to treatment. Book in to find out more.

from £4000

Sclerotherapy or microsclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for little annoying thread veins or spider veins in the legs. This procedure includes injecting a small amout of liquid sclerosant (safe in the correct hands) to the little veins. Dr. Serpieri – the maestro has a special Vein Light that he uses to see and treat them effectively. You may require more than one session and will have to wear compression stockings afterwards.

30 mins £350

60 mins  £650

Removing that bit of vein that is troubling you (the varices). This treatment is usually used in combination with our other vein treatments. Performed under local anesthetic, this is a fairly quick walk in and walk out procedure.

from £500

From £400 

This is the mandatory examination ( Duplex Ultrasound Scan) to help diagnose and treat your vein effectively. This will help us find out hwo your body’s road map is working, what is the underlying cause of your vein issue and how we can treat it most effectively.

from £4000

Having the knowledge of the body’s road map and a keen aesthetic eye, Dr. Serpieri is also the world expert in Liposuction. He uses all different liposuction methods depending on patient’s requirements and suitability. Expert in VASER and also does hi-def procedures to give you that six pack you have been dreaming of.

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I have had thread veins for years and would never show my naked legs. I saw Dr. Giuseppe Serpieri for a consultation. He’s very honest and explained the options available. A few weeks later, I saw him again and had the sclerotherapy treatment. It was painless. Dr. Serpieri is amazing. I can now wear my short skirts again and feel 100% summer ready!

Elizabeth, London