Teen Clinic

At W1 Wellness, we understand the difficulties in feeling confident, now more than ever in this very selfie-pouty social media crazed world.

You cannot escape the bombardment of the idealistic way to look in today’s image obsessed culture. Social media at everybody’s fingertips has created an uncomfortable pressure for even the most confident of people to keep up with. And if left behind, they are left feeling inadequate.

The teenage years are hard enough; dealing with new emotions & hormones, the start of many skin concerns, body changes, hair sprouting from here there and everywhere!

Here at W1 Wellness we want to empower teenagers to feel confident in the skin they are in. So, we will be talking to you about your skin, your health and feeling confident most importantly.

Every week, our WOW Squad (Doctors and Aesthetician) alongside our Teenage Clinic ambassador, Miss Charlotte Sophie Brooke – who is currently in training on her journey to Miss England will be sharing some tips, tricks and talks on everything teenage and wow through our Teen Blog & Vlog!

Our complimentary Teen Clinic will run once a month by appointment only.

We would love to hear from teenagers on what you would like to know and how can we help?

If you have any questions, email them in to hello@w1wellness.com with the subject line Teenage Clinic and we will get back to you with advice and guidance. For more common queries we will upload videos, pictures and links to helpful advice.