Face treatments

Specifically made for those who want really natural and subtle tweaks to look fresh and well rested. Tailor made just for you and may require combination treatment.

from £350

 A brand new non-surgical combination treatment to treat the face as a whole to give harmony, using the latest clock face techniques to produce amazing natural results with little down time.

from £2500

Baby botox for smoothing with natural movements and expressions.

from £220

from £250

Just for men to freshen up naturally and effectively without feminising your masculine features.

from £1100

Tighten your neck and jawline without surgery using absorbable thread lift. Drape that beautiful long neck with a beautiful necklace again and say goodbye to your scarves.

from £800

To redefine, sculpt and sharpen that jawline with combination treatment to dissolve fat and reduce muscle tension.

from £500

Lunch time non-surgical nose job in 15 minutes.

from £500

Plump up those kissable lips gently and naturally.

from £500

Freshen up your tired looking eye area with our combination treatment.

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