What Will You Look Like After Surgery? VR Consultation with Jessica Rose

By June 6, 2017Uncategorized

Here at W1 Wellness we love trying and testing the latest innovative technology to help our patients make the right decision before surgery.

Crisalix is the leading VR 4D & 3D imaging solution among plastic surgeons around the world. It basically shows you how you will look after surgery.


Model Jessica Rose recently joined us at out clinic in Knightsbridge where she wanted to see what she would look like with smaller breasts. Jessica had her breasts enlarged when she was 19 and was also carrying a bit more weight. When she went the surgeon for her consultation, he didn’t stop her from going as big as she wanted. At the time Jessica was happy with her new breasts, but having lost some weight since then and also as she’s gotten older her breasts have dropped and she is no longer happy with them.

Here’s what she had to say:


“Unfortunately I wasn’t best advised about how the size of the implant and the weight of it can sort of have an effect over time in sagging when I got my breasts done with another company. I’ve ended up with what they call breasts that have bottomed out. They’re not great, they don’t look how they should, they’re extremely large for my frame and what I should have probably gone for. What I’m looking to have done is the implants that I had which were over the muscle taken out, put under the muscle. Then just to look a bit more fuller and less saggy to be honest. So I’ve come to W1 Wellness here in Knightsbridge and I’m super excited to talk to Dr. Ondrej about what he can do for me and how he thinks that he can resolve the problem.”

To see Jessica’s full consultation with Dr. Ondrej Mestak, watch the video below.