Kiss Me Now

What is Kiss Me Now?

Kiss Me Now is a non-surgical and non-invasive lip treatment with little downtime to help plump up those kissable lips, making them fuller using soft dermal fillers specifically made for lips. Lip fillers are not new but when incorrectly done, a trout pout is unfortunately notoriously common.

What is different about Kiss Me Now?

The main differences are the choices of the dermal fillers (soft ones to prevent lumps), the injection technique and of course our experience in lip augmentation and lip filler. It is important to assess each lip and tailor the treatment to suit the person. It is also very important to remember what looks good on someone else may not suit you at all. There is a golden ratio for the lips and there is a good reason why we should observe it. It is all about facial harmony, looking fresh and youthful but not overdone.

Why Kiss Me Now?

Lip augmentation or lip filler treatment is not just a fashion trendy lip enhancement craze when half of our patients come to clinic looking to have Kylie Jenner’s lips.

Plumping up lips to replenish the lost volume is a common anti-ageing indication for a lip filler treatment. As we age, lips can lose their volume and appear thinner. Hydration is also key. We do have very soft hydrating fillers just to hydrate the dry lips. Thin lips are also frequently accompanied by smoker’s line (even if you don’t smoke!) also known as bar code lines on the top lips especially causing bleeder lines (lipstick lines) when lip gloss or lipsticks are applied. This lines are often caused by the lost of definition, vermillion border of the lips. Aging can also cause the downturn of the corners of the mouth making us look sad unintentionally. This downturn of the mouth is also caused by the pull of the DAO (Depressor Anguli Oris) muscles which can be weakened slightly using a small dose of Botox® (Botulinum toxin wrinkle smoothing injection) and a small dose of dermal fillers to create an upward curve to the corner of the mouth.

Prior to any lip injections, you will be given numbing cream to apply on the lips or if necessary a local anaesthetic injection can also be given. This is often unnecessary as Lidocaine (the numbing anaesthetic) is contained within the lip dermal fillers we use.

Kiss Me Now is one of our trademark lip treatment to restore fullness and recreate the youthful natural looking voluminous lips without looking over pouty or like a trout pout. Not everyone needs their lip border (vermillion border) treating and not everyone wants 3ml of dermal fillers in their lips. Our aim is to ensure they suit you and bring out the best in you naturally! Natural pout not trout pout.

For fuller, youthful looking and kissable lips, book in for a treatment with us.