How To Get Defined Cheekbones – Cheek Fillers With Model Jessica Rose

By May 30, 2017Uncategorized

This week we are talking about cheek fillers with one of our regular clients, model Jessica Rose.

Here’s what Jessica has to say about her concerns:

“I’ve been looking for a while to get something done to bring out my cheekbones a bit more. I’ve got quite a round face and no matter how much weight I lose, they never come out anymore. My cheekbones just never seem to pop out, and so I know quite a few girls who’ve had it done, it looks fab, and I know I trust the guys at W1 Wellness to do a good job.”

As Jessica wanted a more defined and prominent look on her cheekbones, Dr. Ondrej injected each cheek with a small amount of filler just to bring Jessica’s cheekbones up a bit and make her face seem a bit more angular – Jessica is still young (and already beautiful) so  she doesn’t need to much filler in her face to make a big difference. she was extremely pleased with her results and here’s what she had to say after having the procedure done:

“Oh, my goodness. You can literally tell instantly. It’s really picked up my cheeks.  It’s a little bit swollen obviously, but it’s going to look so good. Thank you so much W1 Wellness.”

To watch Dr. Mestak take Jessica through the whole procedure and what products Jessica used in her aftercare, watch this video.