Face Lift and Neck Lift Surgery

The Face Lift and Neck Lift is the bread and butter of every cosmetic surgeon and has been around for many years. Tried, tested and rated one of the best ways (when done correctly with an experienced and certified plastic surgeon) to turn back time and defy the ageing process and gravity.

So what is new in the world of the face lift and neck lift?

A shorter recovery, a smaller scar (short scar face lift) and can be done under sedation or local anaesthetic. Dr. Roberto Pizzamiglio has invented a new cutting edge Face Lift using Stem Cells and Growth Factors from your own fat.

Why face lift or neck lift?

There is only so much botox and fillers one can inject without looking overdone. When there are excess skin, sometimes re-draping the skin and removing the excess skin is the only viable option. Common area for the excess skin also commonly called sagging tissue or sagging jowls, jawline is the overhang of skin and tissue around the lower face, jawline and neck.

How about a non-surgical face lift using threads like Silhouette Soft or PDOs or combination (using fillers with threads etc.)?

Indeed, depending on how old you are, how much tissue laxity, how much adipose tissue support you have, your lifestyle and the outcome you want to achieve, the non-surgical face lift could be an option. Non-surgical treatments like suspension sutures with cones have lifting and stimulating (collagen) capacity and can be a good alternative to postpone a surgical face lift for the time being. Non-surgical face lift is also a good option for those who are not wanting to go under the knife. Of course, one has to remember and expect that the non-surgical outcome is different to that of the surgical outcome.


The new techniques in face lift and neck lift mean that the trauma to the soft tissue on the face and neck is reduced, hence reducing the inflammation. Using biological glue also means that the risk of haematoma is reduced. Generally in most patients, the pain is minimal (more so an ache) and you can have a shower the day after the surgery. The fine stitches on the short scar area will be removed in one (1) week.

Endoscopic Face Lift?

This is for the upper face and commonly done in conjunction with eyelid and/or eyebag surgery (blepharoplasty). Using a very small scope (with camera) under tunnel vision, the upper face is tightened and lifted. Scars are minimal and not visible as they are in the hair.

When can I have a Face Lift or Neck Lift?

What makes a suitable candidate for face lift or neck lift is very much dependent on you. You will be the one who decides when you would like to have a face lift or neck lift. Of course, you will have to have certain indications to qualify such as sagging skin, sagging tissue, tissue laxity and wanting a tighter fresher look. You will also need to be in good health before undertaking such procedure.

Will I have the wind tunnel effect or look overdone?

This is where facial harmony and the experience of the surgeon come into play. Over zealous tightening of the skin or tissue will not help make it last longer or make it look better. An experienced surgeon will also have a consultation with you first and explain what is necessary or not necessary, and what is to be expected, as well as any risks of the procedure. Most importantly, they will put you and your mind at ease and answer all your queries. The meticulous attention to detail is what differentiates one face lift to another.

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