The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Breast Surgery

By May 23, 2017Uncategorized


This week, our resident plastic surgeon Dr Ondrej is answering the most common questions we are asked here at W1 Wellness about breast surgery, specifically after having a baby.

Is it really common that women, after having a baby, they want to have breast procedures done?

Yes, women after having babies are one of the most common group of patients coming in for breast surgery. They want to look and feel better in clothes after the changes in their body during pregnancy.

When is the best time to have breast surgery after having a baby?

You should consider it at least one year after you stop breastfeeding because the glands are still activated and if we operate on them, it can still be producing milk, which is not sterile and there could be higher risk of infection of the implant. Breast surgery is quite a big procedure, so we want to make sure the procedure goes really without any complications and for our patients to recover quickly.

What can I expect when coming in for a breast surgery consultation at W1 Wellness?

When patients come for a consultation, the first thing I ask them is if they want to change the size of the breast or only the shape, once that is established, we can then start discussing different possibilities.

Choosing the right procedure for the patient is quite complicated. It depends on the size of the envelope of the skin and the size or the volume of the whole breast. Most patients want to minimize the amount of scars they have, so if possible we try to change the shape of the breast only by putting implants in. However, if there is too much skin around the breast we have to do a procedure called mastopexy.


How do you choose the right breast size for each patient?

One of the most important part of the breast surgery is actually choosing the right implant, the right size and the right shape for you. Patients often have different expectation than the surgeon, so the first thing I do at the consultation is to have the patient wear an elastic bra with breast sizers in them to make sure together we choose the best size which suits her body.

What happens if somebody wants very big breasts, but it doesn’t suit their body, do you still agree to go ahead?

No, if I do operation, it needs to be natural, so it has to look nice on the patient. Also the larger the size of implant, the more my patient is risk of  complications.

How long does the healing process last?

This really depends on many factors, and it varies in different patients. For patients with small breasts, the healing process takes much longer. For patients with loose skin, there is almost no firmness after the operation.

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