What is a 2 in 1 composite boob job?

By May 2, 2017Uncategorized

Last week Dr Ondrej gave us an informative insight into a pioneering treatment called Lipofill, one of our signature treatments here at W1 Wellness. The procedure basically involves removing fat from one part of the body eg. stomach and thighs, and putting it into other parts of the body like the breast, the face and the buttocks.

This week Dr Ondrej is back to discuss how lipofill can be used in a composite treatment to give natural looking results.

What is a composite treatment?

Composite breast augmentation is a procedure which is best for patients who seek natural results. In this technique, we are combining the best of the two worlds, the silicone implant augmentation and augmentation with fat. We use the silicone implant for sufficient volume enhancement and the fat is used to cover the edges of the implant.

What is the recovery time for a treatment like this?

The recovery time after composite breast augmentation is the same as it is for normal breast augmentation with implants. The only extra area which is being operated on is the area of liposuction, but it’s usually very small and it heals much earlier than the breast itself.

Is this a 2 in 1 procedure?

Yes, you get natural breast augmentation and a little bit of liposuction. It can also be a 3 in 1 procedure for those who want to add some fat to the face. Eg. subtle enlargement of the lips or cheeks.  

Can you use this type of treatment around the eye area too?

Yes of course, you can use it for lower eyelids and also upper eyelids. Also, we can use the fat and the stem cells for dark circles and small wrinkles around the eye area.

If you really want to look at your suitability for the procedure itself, book a consultation with Dr Ondrej by calling 0208 611 2628.

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